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Trisha was referred to me by another editor I trust immensely, which in itself made me confident in the services I would be receiving. Trisha exceeded expectations. Her editing work was thorough, precise, and much more detailed than I expected given the time-frame she was provided. She went above and beyond, not only reviewing the 15 chapters I needed her to review, but also editing additional chapters that had already been reviewed, finding additional items that needed to be addressed. Trisha did this in only a few weeks which allowed me to submit my manuscript to agents in the time-frame I desired. We are now in the process of reworking my manuscript based on agent feedback. She is my go-to person for editing and story development. I highly recommend her work for any aspiring writers.

Kevin Duarte, Author, Flashpoint

This past year, I fulfilled a long held ambition by writing my first novel. I've no doubt it would never have gone anywhere beyond my laptop if I didn't have the expert guidance and encouragement of my editor, Patricia Giramma. The story is far better because of her critical eye. And, I hope, I am a better writer. I hope she'll help with my second novel.
David Schoorens, Author, Refuge

As a new author working on my second novel, I was nervous about working with an editor. Through the Association of Rhode Island Authors, Trisha heard I was in the market for an editor and reached out to me. Between her clear notes and markups, suggestions, and great advisement, she helped turn my two-year passion project into a beautiful manuscript I am incredibly proud of. I will be using Trisha editing services for future projects and I look forward to working with her again.

Sarah MacDonald, Author, Chasing the Past

I've worked directly with Trisha on many projects over several years. Her work is consistently excellent as a writer, editor, and proofreader. She is also a pleasure to work with even under tight deadlines. We worked together regularly on the production of a healthcare system's print and digital magazine, with my role as providing multi-media content. Trisha demonstrated the ability to edit the team's submissions into a cohesive whole with a consistent voice that was both professional and accessible for the audience. Collaborating with Trisha is always gratifying because I know that I can not only trust her to do great work, but also help me create a high-quality product that will be well received. I highly recommend her!

John Theriault, Founder, Truventis

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